public liability insurance

Beginner’s Guide to Public Liability Insurance

There are so many existing types of insurances on the market today but, it is often complex picking one best suited for you. Some even seem as if they have the same purpose but, with a different name.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance gives you protection from third party claims. If you own a relatively large business that is often visited by clients, members of the public or contractors, you may want to consider getting it.

For instance, if there are claims regarding the fact that your product has caused injuries and even deaths as an outcome after usage by individuals of the general public, it protects you from the cost of compensation to be returned. Other minor examples could be a coffee spillage on your client’s laptop, or your customer slipping on a wet floor.

public liability insurance

Do I need it?

If you work in a relatively large business with a multitude of employees, clients and, technicians roaming around the workplace, it may be worth considering this particular insurance. Even if you work in a startup or at home, it may be worth considering as it is undoubtedly necessary although, not a must.

The risk of your company not getting public liability insurance may result in severe consequences that you would have to bear. Financial burden may arise as well as legal jeopardies such as the possibility of getting sued.

How much does it cost?

The cost that entails depends solely on the size of your business and how much you want to cover. It varies accordingly depending on your business. Ensure that before you decide to conclude, discuss with your insurer on what fits your business the best.

Is a public liability insurance a legal requirement?

No, not getting public liability insurance will not lead to a fine or a term in jail. But having the right insurance will increase the professionalism of your business and prevent your company from jeopardies.


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