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Mari Melancong ke Malaysia

Tempat Menarik Di Malaysia

Malaysia sebuah negara yang terletak di Asia Tenggara, mempunyai 14 buah negeri yang mempunyai pelbagai tempat menarik yang anda boleh kunjungi bersama keluarga. Lihat senarai di bawah untuk tempat menarik di Malaysia

1. Melaka

Di kenali sebagai negeri yang terawal di Semenanjung Malaysia, Melaka mempunyai banyak tempat menarik yang anda boleh lawati. Melaka dikenali sebagai Melaka Negeri Bersejarah, Melaka Darul Azim atau Negeri Hang Tuah. Melaka telah diisytiharkan oleh UNESCO sebagai Bandar Warisan Dunia (World Heritage). Kenali sejarah permulaan Malaysia dan pemerintahan British di Malaysia dengan sejarah Melaka. Disini terdapat pelbagai tempat bersejarah yang anda boleh kunjungi sambil pelajari sejarah negara kita.

Lihat tempat menarik di Melaka yang anda boleh lawati seperti di bawah.

1. Freeport A’famosa Outlet Village

2. The Pirate Adventure Melaka

3. The Shore Sky Tower

4. Melaka Upside Down House

5. Street Art Melaka

tempat menarik di melaka

Anda mungkin berminat baca mengenai tempat menarik di Melaka. Ikut link ini sekarang dan baca:

2. Pulau Pinang

Dipisahkan diantara Negeri Kedah di sebelah Utara dan Timur, Negeri Perak di sebelah Selatan dan Perairan Selat Melaka dan Sumatera (Indonesia) di sebelah Barat. Pulau Pinang atau Penang terletak berhampiran dengan persisiran barat laut Semenanjung Malaysia. Pulau Pinang terdiri daripada bahagian pulau dan juga tanah besar yang dikenali sebagai Seberang Perai. Keluasan kawasan pulau adalah 285 km2 yang terpisah sepenuhnya daripada Seberang Perai.

Pastikan anda tidak terlepas daripada senarai tempat menarik di penang ini.






3. Perak

Dikenali sebagai Perak Darul Ridzuan, adalah merupakan negeri yang kedua terbesar di Semenanjung Malaysia selepas Pahang, dan keempat terbesar di Malaysia.

Penemuan arkeologi menunjukkan bahawa Perak telah didiami sejak zaman prasejarah. Legenda menceritakan tentang sebuah kerajaan Hindu-Melayu yang disebut Gangga Negara di barat laut Perak.

Terdapat pelbagai tempat menarik di Perak yang anda perlu tahu kerana Perak adalah negeri kedua terbesar yang merangkumi 8 daerah di dalamnya.

1. Art Of OldTown (Ipoh Street Art)

2. Menara Condong Teluk Intan

3. Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill)

4. Gua Tempurung

5. Kellie’s castle

4. Cameron Highland

Jika anda jemu dengan cuaca panas dan kesesakan ibu kota, larilah sebentar ke Cameron Highland, destinasi nyaman yang terkenal dengan udara sejuknya yang dingin dan pemandangan yang menakjubkan. Tambahan pula terdapat banyak tempat menarik di Cameron Highland, menjadikan ia destinasi sasaran popular pelancong tempatan dan antarabangsa.

Lihat senarai di bawah untuk tempat menarik di Cameron Highland:






5. Langkawi

Pulau Langkawi adalah salah satu daripada lokasi utama pelancongan di Malaysia. Ianya merangkumi 99 pulau yang terpisah daripada Semenanjung Malaysia di sepanjang Selat Melaka. Berkeluasan hampir 48,000 hektar, Pulau ini dipenuhi dengan tempat-tempat menarik yang patut dikunjungi. Selain itu, Pulau Langkawi dan lagendanya tidak dapat dipisahkan, terutamanya Mahsuri.

Lihat senarai di bawah untuk megetahui tempat menarik di Langkawi:

1. Kereta Kabel Langkawi

2. Skybridge

3. Oriental Village

4. Air Terjun Telaga Tujuh

5. Pulau Payar Marine Park

Saksikan video kereta kabel Langkawi ini. menarik sekali


Kami berharap dengan artikel ini anda akan lebih melancong di dalam negara berbanding luar negara. Kongsi lah artikel ini bersama rakan anda jika ini bermanfaat kepada anda.

Airlines Where You Can Get Cheap Flights in Malaysia

Buying flight ticket to travel overseas previously were so expensive. Nevertheless, history witnesses how the cost for technology-related services reduces after awhile, and the airline market is affected by the same principle. Nowadays, one might buy a cheap flight ticket to their favored destination easily. Inside the Malaysian market, the following are some of the airlines that offer affordable tickets to its customers.


Cheap Flights in Malaysia | Firefly Airline

Firefly is actually an airline company situated in Malaysia which offers affordable flights to its customers. With Firefly, you can easily buy a cheap flight to Langkawi, Banda Aceh, Alor Setar, Kota Bharu, Kuantan, plus more. What’s unique about Firefly would be that it is a subsidiary of the national flag carrier, Malaysia Airlines Berhad.

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With a minimum of 18 aircrafts with turboprop in their fleet, Firefly that operates out of the Penang and Subang hubs blends efficiency, comfort, and safety into every flight experience. The airline additionally partnered with one of the greatest travel insurance provider in Malaysia, AIG, to offer one of the best traveling protection.



AirAsia, the main airline of Malaysia, flies to 165 destinations in 25 countries, including Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macao, and Maldives. The airline, that has been founded by successful entrepreneur Tony Fernandes, has become their success by following a structure from the prominent United States’ based airline, Virgin Airlines. AirAsia has their main hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which positions AirAsia in a great central location in South-East Asia.

AirAsia’s low-cost carrier model is reliant on 3 things; self-automation, no frills, and cost-saving innovations. Self-automation is centered on encouraging people to do more DIY (self-check-in) to lower operational costs. No frills are around paying for only what you want (buying add-ons e.g. your meals are an independent charge). The most current cost-saving innovation is Air Asia’s ‘sharklet” wing tips enabling their new Airbus A320 aircraft to reduced wind drag and still provide better fuel consumption.

Malindo Air

Cheap Flights in Malaysia

Malindo Air, a Malaysian airline that derived its name from the long-established alliance between Malaysia and Indonesia. Their company slogan says it all: “Smarter Way to Travel”. This low budget airline flies to 44 destinations including Indonesia, Nepal, China and Australia and it is an excellent choice to obtain a cheap flight ticket.

Even though it has less traveling routes, Malindo Air includes some upside to give. As an example, the flights’ seats are bigger versus AirAsia’s and there are seat-back television screen and USB plug port for every seat in flight. Plus, individuals who want more security when traveling can purchase a low priced travel insurance with Malindo Air’s partner, Chubb.

An important feature about these less costly airlines is that they always have interesting promotion and offers to get, with attractive bargains to your own favorite destination. Just be sure you remain updated by following them on Facebook too, as you may find yourself visiting cool spots for the insanely low fare!

Hotels In Penang Island That Are Worth Shelling Out For

Nicknamed “Pearl of the Orient”, Penang is regarded as one of Malaysia’s highlights. The fantastic beaches, historical monuments in addition to an extensive range of seafood make Penang the absolute best island to enjoy a cultural and relaxed holiday all at once! Not the easiest to overlook may be the hotel you stay at while having your holiday, and so we created a list of 7 hotels in Penang to ensure that your stay will undoubtedly be unforgettable!

See if your preferred Penang Hotel is here!

Holiday Inn Resort Penang

Penang Hotel: Holiday Inn Resort Penang

By far, this is the all-around best hotel in Penang. With a range of rooms, suites, and event spaces, the hotel is good for business & personal travels as well as events. With all the stunning sea view, you can even explore fun activities held in the hotel itself. In addition, its restaurant is also among the finest places to enjoy local delicacies within the island.

Check out their latest rooms and suites here:

Eastin Hotel

Penang Hotel

Eastin Hotel is located in Bayan Lepas Industrial Zone, Fifteen minutes from the Penang International Airport, and Five minutes from the iconic Penang Bridge. This hotel is highly perfect for business travels because of the facilities and modern amenities. This hotel is actually twenty minutes drive from Georgetown Heritage enclave.

Yeng Keng Hotel

Penang Hotel

The place was originally a used building constructed in the 19th century, and it has been changed to a hotel with 20 rooms. Discovered in Chulia Street, Yeng Keng Hotel features a happening local scene for tourists to enjoy in the middle of Georgetown. Besides that, this hotel’s restaurant also serves amongst the best Hainanese food you can find here.

Bayview Hotel

Penang Hotel

Next, will be the Bayview Hotel Georgetown. What’s really great in regards to this hotel is that you receive a quality 4-star hotel feel with impressive facilities such as a nice pool along with a complete gym. Perfect for travelers and families who want a more luxury kind of stay with the common conventional hotel facilities. This hotel was actually a great steal at just RM194 a single night for 2 persons.

Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang

Penang Hotel

Found at the intersection of Farquhar Street and Penang Road, the hotel is strategically placed in the center of George Town. If you are searching for a high-end experience, this is certainly possibly the best hotel in Penang. Why? Because things are all within easy reach. You’re able to walk right along the road and get to the Fort Cornwallis, the City Hall and the Penang State Museum. The hotel provides shuttles to the Penang Airport along with the Butterworth Railway Station.

Tune Hotel

Penang Hotel

Tune Hotel undeniably couldn’t be disregarded from our list. Located on Burmah Road in Georgetown, it has a going rate of merely RM80 for the double room plus comforts package. The rooms are tidy and cozy with decent bedding and fine quality showers. You pay for what you get, which is a real no-frills stay for that price.

Hard Rock Hotel

Penang Hotel

The Hard Rock brand needs no introduction. It’ll appeal to the rocker within you and hotel’s Hard Rock Café offer live entertainment that happens to be probably the greatest on the island. Throw in the beachfront location on Batu Feringgi, the longest and most happening pool area in Penang which is kids-friendly too and now we have a winner on all fronts.

That’s all for the moment. Hopefully, you have gotten an insight in the beautiful resorts and hotels Penang offers you! Do not forget to have a look at the hotels’ websites to find any discount packages. Enjoy the beautiful Penang as you stay in one of the best Penang hotels there is!