Employ your talents the jobsDB’s way

Owning a running enterprise comes with blocks. Nevertheless, with the right techniques and strategies, your organization will continue to work its far the pecking order. All the different product offerings, timing and the targeted audience that you picked are large determinants with regards to just how well your enterprise performs. With jobsDB, recruitment made easy!

Get the best players for your team


The root of the well streaming business comes down to its players. Possessing an all rounded team will be the best option. Deploying those who entail different skills and abilities are very important to uphold a sustainable business. When you have a competent team along with a good mindset, negating any hurdles will likely be of ease. 

The usual methods of finding applicants can be a wearisome task. It led to time loss and in most cases unnecessarily increased the burden on more manual workload. The only method opening information was spread was through publicity in newspaper publications, word-of-mouth in addition to posting opportunities on bulletin boards. Many people rarely had access to technology. Therefore, it was hard to track the applicant’s progress to check and balance. 

Nonetheless, with the introduction of computers and the internet, less focus has been set towards the old-fashioned employment process. In the current status quo, businesses can easily connect to audiences worldwide. Online recruitment lessens time loss and lowers cost, and significantly eliminates physical waste! 

The origin of JobStreet and JobsDB

While in the late 90’s, 1997, Mark Chang Mun Kee started JobStreet.com. This company’s intention was to create a practical online job search platform. With all the evolution in modern technology, jobsDB currently stands at essentially the most sought-after online job websites. It engages over 80 thousand hirers and 11 million job searchers by supporting in levelling the job searchers to their favoured jobs. 

jobsDB as part of SEEK ASIA first established its head office in Malaysia, and then in 2014, it was taken over by SEEK Limited, internet job recruitment company operating out of Australia. It has since been a leading player in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. The main goal of the company is to effectively match job seekers with employers of excellent status across Southeast Asia.

Integrated sourcing and hiring solution

jobsDB prioritizes its subscribers by offering numerous premium services. Such as to simplify the steps needed to build a professional profile and also to search for their desired employment opportunities. Having magic ingredients, job advertisements are posted by business employers to match with potential individuals. With jobsDB’s talent search function, the quest to finding the next qualified applicant really is as effective as ever.

With its extensive data pools, advanced employee filtering systems and exploratory communication tools, jobsDB has altered the way we hire. The procedure of recruiting the highest-performing candidate really is as fluid than in the past.

If you are a company expecting to hire, please go to jobsDB’s website to find your celebrity employee today.