Does Psoriasis Get Worse With Age?

Dealing with psoriasis is often a long-term issue with no definite end.  Anyone with psoriasis will know the gruelling pain, itchiness, redness and distress one has to feel.

It is remarkably hard to deal with the disease. However, the big twist is that it does not necessarily worsen by age, here’s why:

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease. It may seem like it’s just an ordinary skin issue, but there’s much more to that, it profoundly affects your body’s immune system.

This disruption of your immune system freaks your skin out which leads to severe inflammation.

As it accumulates, these cells are pushed to the surface of the skin causing red, scaly patches.

Can psoriasis start at any age?

Although psoriasis looks relatively similar to eczema- another skin disease, it is often a lot more destructive.

Psoriasis is the most typical autoimmune disease in the US.

It can develop at any given age, but it is most prevalent in kids between the ages 15-25. Symptoms will start to arise early in adolescence.

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Does psoriasis itch?

Those who have dealt with psoriasis or are dealing with it now will know that it itches slightly. Often when it is in contact with water, there will be a burning or painful sensation.

At times, individuals may have issues with sleeping or focus on vital things in life as it is distracting.

Due to its prevalent distraction, patients tend to itch the area. This action causes further inflammation.

Fortunately, treatment and prevention are available. Look for over-the-counter medications or receive a prescribed medication in your nearest hospital for quicker effects.

Does psoriasis get worse with age?

If your psoriasis situation is under scrutiny, it certainly will not get worse with age. However, psoriasis tends to worsen when you are dealing with stress.

If not taken care of, unexpected outbreaks and flare-ups can occur in any given situation if it.


If it isn’t properly taken care of, outbreaks will slowly but surely occur.

Keep your skin’s health on the lookout. Look for more information on MyPsoriasis website. 

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