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Things That You Need To Know about Lafarge ProSolutions

Malaysia is one of the few most developed nations around the world in Asia and estimated to raise its total Gross domestic product to 521.22 billion U.S dollars by 2022. Malaysia put efforts into getting an environmentally friendly atmosphere to get a more sustained future this also together with Lafarge ProSolutions which will usually be sure its products are high-quality. Whether you are looking for cement, quickmix, or concrete for your brick wall, wall plastering or flooring, Lafarge ProSolutions have all for you.

Lafarge ProSolutions: The Innovator in Cement Industry in Malaysia

Lafarge ProSolutions is a building material company in Malaysia. As being the pioneer in the market, they feature high-performance services and products with the aim to make Malaysia greater. They contain the most effective materials for your individual use and professional use. Why don’t we find out about their product range and services now?


Well-known for their cement products, Lafarge ProSolutions caters the different needs of businesses and personal using its plenty of cement products which may be found in bulk and bag. With 3 integrated cement plants and two grinding stations throughout Peninsular Malaysia, it aims to deliver high-quality cement products to the buyers.


To ensure your life easier, Lafarge ProSolutions gives an extended number of dry mix products below the model of “QuickMix”. It consists of a wide range of skim coats, flooring mortars, and premixed plasters. Their QuickMix products are carefully engineered, only using high-quality building products.

brick wall


Another essential building material is concrete. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. It is important to pick the best products in order to avoid the problems later. Lafarge ProSolutions offers a series of concrete for different purposes. For those builders out there, choosing their solutions is surely a professional choice.

Special Project Team

Executing a mega project is usually a real pain, therefore Lafarge ProSolutions created this Special Project Team. Consisting of a group of experienced professionals, the Special Project Team helps businesses run their projects by offering consultancy, design, project management, engineering, contracting and asset management help.


Lafarge ProSolutions offers logistics services including logistics operation center, GPS tracking, delivery mobile application, delivery monitoring service, and silo level monitoring system. They handle a nationwide network of facilities for the efficient distribution of items and then ensure uninterrupted products supply.

Innovation Hub (IH)

Besides that, Lafarge ProSolutions is promoting an Innovative Hub deal with industry issues and generate innovative solutions. Lafarge Innovation Hub partners up with Lafarge Research Centre in France and constantly collaborate with government stakeholders, professionals, and educational institutions.

Lafarge ProSolutions are involved and contributed lots in construction for the mega project and individual project. They always improve to produce a good quality product. As well as never hurts the mother nature. Visit their site to understand building material and also how they’re able to become the perfect good partner. Find out more at