Battle of the iPhones 2018

The iPhone X is Apple’s most impressive smartphone to date, and while we’re very taken with its futuristic innovations, it’s also not as affordable as the other models. But does that mean it’s not worth the splurge? That depends on what you want in a smartphone, so that decision lies solely with you.

Not everybody is hard up for the extra perks of an OLED display or TrueDepth sensor camera. For less money spent, you can also land yourself an equally spectacular iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 that does not stray too far off in terms of performance capabilities. It’s a tough choice, but we’re going to break it down for you.

Plus, you might want to check out this comparison video for iPhone 8 & iPhone X by EveryhingApplePro on Youtube.


The iPhone X enjoys a sleek revamp in design in which Apple has done away with the home button and bezels. Without the once timeless home button, you’ll be doing a lot more swiping to get about your business. It’s not fair to say if this is good or bad, but there’s definitely some learning involved. Not into that? You’ve still got the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 to fall back on.

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 also adopted a radical new look to its rear where aluminium has been replaced with glass. It allows for wireless charging and looks amazing, but you’ll have to be delicate with it.


There is so much talk about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 cameras, but the iPhone X really takes the cake. Its TrueDepth sensor mode enables you to take fabulous selfies in portrait mode and its rear telephoto lens allows you to capture sharper photos in low-light conditions.


If you’re not crazy about Face ID like me, you’ll be very happy with the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7. I personally enjoy the tangible action of pressing a home button to activate my screen, but each to their own.


In terms of speed, the iPhone X and iPhone 8 performs the same because they both utilise Apple’s A11 Bionic chip. Compared to the iPhone 7, it’s definitely an upgrade with 20% enhancement on dual-core processes and a 70% leap on quad-core activity.

Battery Life

Longest battery life award goes to the iPhone 8, while the iPhone X is certainly not far behind as it outlasts the iPhone 7 by approximately two hours. If you’re the sort who carries a power bank around everywhere, the iPhone 7 would still be great. It’s just a choice between price and practicality.

Our verdict

The iPhone 7 may seem unattractive when compared to its big brothers side by side, but if you simply want an iPhone for the sake of its user interface and aesthetics, it won’t let you down. The iPhone 8 is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a little more performance, and lastly, the iPhone X is the premium holy grail that you should get if you simply want it all.

iPhone X

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