The Scientific Reasons You are a Picky Eater

We all know of people who tend to be extremely picky about their choice of food.

We have that one friend who refuses to have any greens on their plate or another who refuses to enter a Korean restaurant just because they have not tried it. Or you may even be one of them reading this!

Do you know the reasoning behind picky eaters?

Do you believe that one core reason leads to picky eaters?

The answer is, there is no single explanation for your eating habits. It stems from a variety of factors combined. It may even differ from one to another.

DNA and social upbringing

Studies have found that some individuals have what we call food neophobia. This definition directly translates to ‘fear of new.’

Studies concluded that some genetic makeups influence the reasoning behind this phobia.

Your upbringing acts as a substantial factor in deciding whether you pick your food.

If your parents are less likely to try a wide range of food, you are naturally inclined to follow your parents’ footsteps. However, this is interchangeable.


If you start expanding your food palette, you will be more obliged to taste other food!

Most pick eater starts as a child

To prevent picky eaters, make sure you provide a wide range of diet for your children. Most picky adult eaters stem from their experience as a child.

However, you have to get the accurate meaning of picky eaters. Picky eaters are not individuals who prefer not to eat certain kinds of food.


Picky eaters are people with an unusually restricted diet with a strange fear of trying new food.

If your child is a picky eater, ensure to supplement him/her with a nutritional supplement.

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This nutrient supplement directly targets picky child eaters.

Sometimes, picky eating could get so extreme that it causes external problems such as acute weight loss and nutritional deficiency.

People who are less spontaneous tend to restrict their diet

Some people have severe anxieties when asked to try something new.

To try something new, you are bound to step out of your comfort zone.

Furthermore, if you are not adventurous, you are most likely going to stick to your conventional practices.



Overall, to maintain a healthy physique, ensure to incorporate a holistic array of nutrients into your diet.

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